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Conference Streams

Conference theme: Under New Management:
Innovating for sustainable and just futures
Dr Muhammad Ali – Queensland University of Technology
Dr Adelle Bish – Queensland University of Technology
Critical Management and Organisation Studies Dr Janet Sayers – Massey University
Dr Kylie Radel – Central Queensland University
Entrepreneurship, Start-Ups and Small Business Dr Jo Kirkwood – University of Otago
Dr Martina Battisti – Massey University
Gender, Diversity and Indigeneity Dr Diane Ruwhiu – University of Otago
Dr Dimitria Groutsis – University of Sydney
Health Management and Organisation Dr Ann Dadich – University of Western Sydney
Dr Louise Kippist – University of Western Sydney
Human Resource Management Dr Fiona Edgar – University of Otago
Dr Paula O’Kane – University of Otago
International Management Associate Professor Maryam Omari –
Edith Cowan University
Dr Megan Paull, Murdoch University
Leadership and Governance Dr Herman Tse – Monash University
Dr Maria dela Rama – University of Technology Sydney
Management Education and Development Dr Peter McLean – University of Wollongong
Dr Christa Wood – University of Wollongong
Marketing, Communication and Retail Dr Raechel Johns – Canberra University
Dr Sujana Adapa – University of new England
Organisational Behaviour Dr Ezaz Ahmed – Central Queensland University
Dr Ramudu Bhanugopan – Charles Stuart University
Project Organising Dr Chivonne Algeo – Monash University
Dr Erica French, Queensland University of Technology
Public Sector Management and Not-for-Profit Dr Wayne Fallon – University of Western Sydney
Dr Jayne Bye – University of Western Sydney
Strategic Management Dr David Stiles – University of Canterbury
Dr Conor O’Kane – University of Otago
Sustainability and Social Issues in Management Dr Melissa Edwards – University of Technology Sydney
Dr Sara Walton – University of Otago
Technology, Innovation and Supply Chain Management Dr Arun Elias – Victoria University of Wellington
Associate Professor Terry Sloan – University of Western Sydney

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